A Hazy Divergence

Web VR non-linear narrative game

Skills WebVR (A-Frame), P5.js, Twine, Game Design, Game Development
Duration 4 months

A Hazy Divergence, 2021

This project is a result of my long-term interdisciplinary interest in computational storytelling and environmental science, which started during my independent studies project in college. It is a web-based game with non-linear narratives, interrogating human society’s relationship with the atmosphere and the environment. Set on an imaginary planet, the game story is algorithmically determined by each choice the player makes. 

I read the book Computers As Theatre when I made this game, and was very inspired by the idea of effective interface design as theater, or even game, following the 6 elements of drama - “action, character, thought, language, pattern, enactment.” I also experimented with different game UIs (diegetic/non-diegetic, spatial UI, etc.).